Sao Paulo‘s mandatory exit to abroad, the “Guarulhos – Sao Paulo International Airport”, also called “Cumbica”, is a good choice for those who want to save money on the price of an airline ticket to travel inside Brazil too. At “Cumbica”, prices are always lower than at “Congonhas” airport, which is localized inside Sao Paulo. But there is only one bother!

How to get to Sao Paulo Airport (Photo: GRU Airport)

Guarulhos is 25 kilometers far from Sao Paulo’s center and there aren’t subway or train stations departing from the airport. Thus, travelers are required to deal with Marginal Tiete’s chaotic traffic. And, furthermore, leave the region can be a very expensive experience.


Take a cab to Paulista Avenue, for example, can cost you around R$ 100 (US$ 49,15). The “Airport Bus Service” is a very good alternative for those who prefer comfort and safety, but not for those with little money. The transfer costs R$ 35 (US$ 17,20).

Then, I took a weekend trip to Florianopolis, in Santa Catarina, as an opportunity to test an unconventional and popular way to get to “Guarulhos Internacional Airport”.

At “Metro Tatuape” (red line) subway station, just turn left as you pass through turnstiles. After descending a ramp, a sign will warn you: “257 – Aeroporto de Guarulhos / Metrô Tatuapé” line. Weekdays, buses depart every 15 minutes, between between 5 am and midnight. Vehicles are spacious and equipped with efficient air-conditioning system.


I tested this service on a Friday evening, day and time of highest traffic in the city. Nevertheless, the trip lasted about 30 minutes.


Coach’s service costs R$ 4,30 (US$ 2,11). If you use subway or bus to get to “Metro Tatuapé”, you’ll spend more R$ 3,00 (US$ 1,47).


Don’t worry if you have bags! Buses have special place for them and the conductor asks you to keep your stuff before

Opposite direction: from Guarulhos to the subway station

The opposite path, from “Guarulhos Internacional Airport” to the subway, is also done by “257 – Aeroporto de Guarulhos / Metrô Tatuapé” line. To find the starting point of the bus, just walk up the airport lobby and follow the signs that indicate “bus”. The circular to Metro Tatuape is beside TAM airline’s buses, near the parking lot and, weekdays, it runs between 5 am and midnight.


Tam and Gol airlines offer free shuttle buses between “Guarulhos” and “Congonhas” airports. They leave every hour and are very easy to fill. So, if you choose this option, arrive in advance.

 + GRU Airport oficial website


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